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KSR Nov 5th Assn Meeting Vote Results
Posted on Nov 7th, 2015

November 5th, 2015 - KSR’s Road Maintenance Program has finally been APPROVED….
On Thursday night, the Association members APPROVED a motion to increase the Calendar Year 2016 through 2018 Annual KSR Association Dues from a rate of $29.82 per acre per year, to a total of $82.00 per acre per year.
Of the $82.00 total annual dues, $62.00 per acre per year shall be earmarked for road repair/maintenance only, and the remaining $20.00 per acre per year shall be utilized for administrative and operations expenses.
The new annual Association dues of $82.00 shall remain in effect for three (3) calendar years unless continuation is reauthorized by a one-half or more majority vote the membership prior to the expiration of this program on December 31, 2018.
The results of the vote taken Thursday evening are as follows:
Total KSRPOA Acre Votes (79 Members) – 684.2254
2/3rds Majority Acre Votes Required for Passage – 456.1047
Acre Votes FOR (52 Proxies) - 417.0536
Acre Votes FOR (8 Attendees) - 78.6670
Acre Votes FOR (60 Members Total) - 495.7206
Motion PASSED by 72.45% vote
Acre Votes AGAINST (0 Proxies) - none
Acre Votes AGAINST (4 Attendees) – 31.5026
Acre Votes AGAINST (4 Members Total) – 31.5026
Acre Votes ABSTAIN/DID NOT VOTE (15 Members Total) – 157.0022
A great thank you goes out to all those who participated in this process. The Association truly appreciates your time, efforts, proxies, and votes.  As an Association we have taken a step forward to improve the safety and condition of our roads which in the long term will add benefit and value to the entire Association.
Well Done Neighbors…
Charlie Paine